Secure Offsite Backup for Home and Business

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Fast, Secure, & Reliable Backup

We offer online backup services that securely back up your data to private servers. Know your information is safe and available. Data loss can be very expensive to recover from. Consider your investment in online backup an insurance policy. If you lose data, we are here to help you restore it. For our business customers, we can even bring your data to your establishment in the event of a critical failure.

Our online backup system only backs up changed blocks of data, not the entire file like other backup solutions. This means that backups spend very little time transmitting data over your network to our servers. This prevents network congestion and latency as found to occur with other solutions.

Encryption and Security

Your backups are encrypted. By default, we set up your backup software to encrypt your data in transmission and in rest. We use the latest in encryption algorithm technology to ensure that your business or practice remains PCI and HIPAA compliant. For your privacy and security, we do not even have access to your data without your encryption key. We offer Business Associate Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements for those that require or request them.

Redundancy and Reliability

Our redundant servers are hosted in Rohnert Park and Freemont. They are always ready and available for backup and restore. We also keep Cold Storage Backups out of the area in case of major disaster in the county. Our uptime has been 99.9% over the past 5 years, including scheduled maintenance and upgrades. You can rely on SR Technologies to facilitate a reliable offsite backup solution for your home or business.

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