VinoSync is a product offered by SR Technologes. SR Technologies, to be addressed as ‘the supplier’ or ‘supplier’, is not and will not be held responsible for lost or damaged data, data breach, ransomware, virus, and/or other malware infections, theft, natural disasters, and/or acts of god. The supplier is not to be held responsible for downtime or loss of profit. All labor services are provided as a best effort. There is no guarantee that issues will not arise. There is no guarantee that any issue that does arise falls under the scope of this included support. Annual and/or monthly agreements paid in full are not entitled to a refund. Online backup services provided under these terms or any other contract are provided as a best-effort service. Online backup data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by the supplier. The supplier is not responsible for the loss of encryption passwords preventing access to data. Restoration of data may incur additional charges, depending on the extent of recovery and hours involved. Hosted Exchange services are provided as-is. The supplier is not responsible for the malfunction of the user’s systems. The VinoSync software is to be used at the user’s own risk. SR Technologies is not responsible for malfunction of the user’s systems, including software and hardware. The supplier is not responsible for service outages or interruptions. The supplier is not responsible for compromised accounts or data breaches. The client is responsible for maintaining current subscription status for their online backup plan. Backup plans will be suspended in the event of non-payment of more than 30 days. Data will be retained for 90 days and then discarded unless the user pays the past-due balance. The supplier may not be able to resolve software issues that are the fault of the software manufacturer and may need to contact the software manufacturer to provide support.

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