Semi-Managed Services

What is Semi-Managed Service? Semi-Managed means we will actively monitor your computers’ health, security, and performance for FREE! There are no hidden fees or setup costs – it really is FREE!


How Does It Work?

First, we install a trusted software agent on your computer that will take and keep inventory or your system.

Next, the software agent does its work be reporting issues back to our monitoring server. We analyze the error and if we find it to be of legitimate concern, we forward the alert to you via email or text message.

At this point, you decide if you want to address the issue yourself or have us take care of it.

That’s really it. No BS. Just simple, useful, monitoring for your computers.

How to Get Started

First, give us a call or fill out the form on this page.

We will set up a remote support appointment to install the agents and set up alerts.

....that's it. Really - Semi-Managed Service is that simple and that cool!

PS: There is no hidden agenda here. We want your loyalty and we believe exceptional service paired with awesome tools will do the trick!



We take your privacy very seriously and use a combination of stringent policies and best practices to ensure that your data stays safe. We have been providing IT support for many years and have NEVER been responsible for the breach of customer information. We intend to keep your information safe and our track record clean!