What is Exchange anyway?

Hosted Microsoft Exchange is a platform to synchronize and share email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes. We operate our Hosted Exchange platform in a cluster of servers stored in a secure datacenter facility. Microsoft has set the bar in emailing and calendaring as well as collaborating with colleagues by enabling the sharing of these items.

Sync Your Email

What you do on one device, Exchange does to the other. Delete an email on your phone and you will not have to delete it on your computer. Create a new folder on your Outlook client, and see your changes reflected on your iPad as well. 

Sync and Share Your Calendar

Add a a lunch appointment on your Outlook Mobile App and invite your colleagues. They will receive an email with the invite and have an option to accept, reject, or tentatively schedule the appointment. No more miscommunication about when and where!

Sync Your Contacts

Having multiple lists of contacts is a thing of the past. Add a new contact to your phone and that contact will synchronize to your Outlook client, the Exchange Web Interface, and other devices. That rolodex is looking less and less impressive!

Sync Your Notes

iPhone users tend to heavily use Notes. Exchange allows those notes to sync to Outlook and other devices. You can even grant other users permission to view your notes. Talk about collaboration!

Sync Your Tasks

Many Outlook users rely heavily on the Tasks feature. Now, you can get your tasks synchronized to your phone and other devices to make checking off that list even easier.


Conventional Methods of Mail Retrieval

Hosted Exchange supports the traditional POP or IMAP methods of retrieval and the sending of mail via SMTP

HIPAA Compliance and Encryption

For an additional monthly fee of $1.50 per mailbox, we can privately encrypt your organization's messages in transport end to end, in storage, and in backup. Emails are stored in an encrypted database otherwise and standard SSL is used to encrypt messages in transport to our servers.