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Kaspersky Allegations

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It has been declared in the media that Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus and security firm, has been accused of having inside ties to Russian government in attempt to launch an attack on US-based users.

If Kaspersky is executing any such activity or plans to, they surely will go out of business. It is hard to comment on, as I cannot assure you of anything. However, Kaspersky has been a long-standing reputable company that has built its grounds on detecting even the most intrusive of malware developed by government, hackers, and other groups.

They have offered up their source code to the US, which would allow them to view all code in their software to determine if there is something embedded that could compromise information or allow for a behind-the-scenes attack.

The biggest concern that I have gathered is that the officials tied to Kaspersky, including Eugene, the founder, have been accused of having close ties with the Russian government. Does this mean they would cooperate if asked to implement a large coordinated attack? I am unsure, but my gut says no.

I think this is hype brought on by the Trump administration. We still use and trust Kaspersky ourselves, but if word got out that we were at any substantial risk, we would remove it from our machines immediately.

If you would prefer not to use them, you can switch to a US-Based company, Symantec – based out of Mountain View. Their cost is a bit higher and statistics, a bit lower. However, it is speculated that Symantec cooperates with US government agencies, in the form of trying to detect NSA-developed malware. Kaspersky and other antivirus companies are speculated to do the same with their native governments. This however, is allegedly for the purpose of “legally” spying on those who are persons of interest to the respective governments.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us and we would be happy to answer as best as we can.


Thank you,

Chris Moore

Owner, SR Technologies

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WannaCry Ransomware

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WannaCry is a large ransomware attack that has affected thousands of machines around the globe. It appears to directly target Windows machines via an email with a link or attachment. Once infected, the malware begins to encrypt your information and then will present a message to pay a ransom fee to recover your information. We recommend against paying the ransom in any scenario. Restoring your data from backup is the best method of recovery after your computer has been disinfected.

Although there is no way to completely prevent an infection, we recommend making sure that you computer has all of Windows updates installed and has proper, paid antivirus in place with the latest virus definition and program updates installed.

Keep an eye out for suspicious emails, even from those who you know. DO NOT open any emails that contain links or attachments that you are not familiar with. If you do find yourself in a predicament where it is too late, shut down your computer immediately and give us a call. We may be able to salvage your information before the infection spreads and encrypts your data.

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New Storefront Location

We have moved our facilities to a new retail store front! Here at SR Technologies, we wanted to showcase some of the products that we offer and serve as a local resource for computer and technology equipment, as an alternative to the big box stores. Come on in and find competitive prices on computer hardware, computers, cell phone chargers and accessories, networking devices, HDMI cables, ethernet cables, and so much more.

We are excited to have a local presence here in Rohnert Park.

Come on by and check us out at 5665 Redwood Dr, Ste D in Rohnert Park, CA 94928.

We welcome you to browse around and ask any questions you have regarding your technological needs.